Dual Reel Take-Up

          Model DR-1624 is a semi-automatic load, constant wind, dual reel take-up that will accomodate 16" and 24" reels. The operator simply places an empty reel on the loading platform, closes the station door and pushes the load button. The reel is automatically lifted in place and clamped. To permit continuous winding two stations are fitted in the machine, one of which is winding and the other awaiting with an empty reel. When the winding reel has a certain predetermined length of product on it the machine performs an automatic crossover and starts to wind on the empty reel. The full reel is stopped and then can replaced with an empty reel.

          The DR-1624 is manufactured from 3/8 steel plate and heavy wall structurals. The station doors are formed with 16 ga. cold-rolled-steel (CRS) and the protection gates with 12 ga. CRS. The electricals are are housed in a Nema 12 enclosure which is an integral part of the machine. This Eliminates all enclosure to machine wiring on site. The reels are driven with 10 horsepower AC motors and AC Vector drives.


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