Permanent Magnet Tape Dispenser

DeMar Machine - Permanent Magnet Tape Dispenser
          The base of this unit is manufactured using 2 x 4 x 1/4 wall rectangular steel tubing. The Tape Pay-off is made to bolt to the side of our layplate stand or to one of our optional stands. The 3" aluminum cobb will accomodate tape pads 3" to 4" wide. The tension is created using a permanent magnet hysterisis brake driven through a timming pulley arrangement to give you smooth trouble free operation. The pay-off's torque range at the cobb is 2 to 24 inchpounds. It has a running speed of 200 rpm at full torque. A stainless steel follower arm with a UHMW roller riding on the circumference of the product adjust the tension as the material diameter decreases creating constant tension. Tension is set using the easy to read calibrations on the side of the brake. The path of the tape and the pull-in point can be changed via the adjustable height horizontal guide roller and the optional swiveling guide roller.

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