Concentric Taper

DeMar Machine -Concentric Taper

          The Taper frame work is manufactured from 1/4" plate giving the unit a solid base weight. The machine is fully enclosed with a canopy style interlocked door. A glass viewing window and an interior light helps operator monitor the process. There is a 12" long tape storage tube on the inside of the machine.
          The tape tension is created using a 420 or 750 oz. in. Hysteresis Brake. The tape pad is held in place using a cob nut and locking pins. The tape cob will accommodate 3" diameter pad cores with a maximum 18" outside diameter. Each Unit comes with one tape tube.
          The target Tape Head speed is 2000 RPM. The machine is driven by a 2 HP motor. The speed ratio of the machine is controlled by a Dynapar Max Jr. Speed 2 ratio meter. Reference encoder signal must be equal to 60 PPR @ 1750 rpm supplied to the Taper from the line.


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